The Best Semester Ever

Well, this semester is turning out to be the best one yet. I’ve only been back at Belmont for three weeks, yet it feels like it’s been much longer that that. One of the things I worried about in spending a semester abroad was that I would miss out on too much. While it certainly has taken some time to catch up with everyone, I haven’t missed too much. I am, however, beginning to miss Spain. There are moments where I long to go back – to walk the streets of the city that became my home, and to be reunited with the people who became my family there. I love keeping in touch with my friend Kindall (who is currently in Spain). Last night I actually had a dream that I went to visit her. It’d be great if I could make that dream a reality!
On Monday, I went to the Commercial Music Showcase here at Belmont. I always love going to the showcases because the artists that sing are absolutely phenomenal…and they’re all Belmont students! The four artists that sang at this particular showcase included Noel Barefoot, Joshua Eric Wright, Aashley Morgan, and John Flanagan. They were all incredible, but my personal favorite was Aashley Morgan. 🙂 CommercialMusicShowcase2010.jpg
This week has been very busy for me ~ I’m looking forward to spending a relaxing weekend with my friends. Tonight, my friend Kelly and I are having dinner together and tomorrow night I’m going to the First Saturday “Art Crawl” with my friend Cassie. I’ve never been before, but have always wanted to go. As a photography major, I’m sure that Cassie will really enjoy it. To be honest, I’m mostly interested in going because a new local chocolate company, Olive and Sinclair will be there, offering samples! Then, on Sunday, I’m going to watch the Super Bowl with my friends. It should be a wonderful weekend.