This week has been crazy! My boyfriend, J. L. Phillips is a Songwriting major and was selected to play in the ASCAP Writer’s Night. The Curb Cafe was PACKED (they had to kick people out because they were over maximum capacity!) Several of our friends showed up to support J. L. and we were all excited not only to hear him play, but local celebrity/singer/songwriter Matt Wertz was also playing!
Here are a few of us before the show.
Here are the songwriters and the President of ASCAP before the show.
Each writer played 3 songs and they were all truly wonderful. My favorite one was the one J. L. wrote for me in while I was in France this past summer. In fact you can download it for FREE by clicking here:
Free Download of Anytime
also check out his myspace here!
It was a great night and helped me remember yet another reason why I love Belmont so much 🙂