Christmas is Coming!

So, Christmas is almost here. Its after Thanksgiving. The turkey has all been eaten. The dressing is gone. This is always the best and worst part of the semester for me, I think. I feel like I click with people so well during the final few weeks of school, and I feel that with my housemates. One of them is graduating in 2 weeks, and I appreciate his presence all the more now. For the rest of us, I think we’re just getting used to living together and that’s really cool. The other night we threw on a Christmas album from my friends, Mosaic (Check them out at, and cut out paper snowflakes for a bake sale Brandon was doing. Then, Friday night we had a good time playing games like Sequence, and Spades, and Boggle, and Scrabble. It was a good time all around, and it’s funny that even with all I have to do for school, I still need that time to just breath and be with people I love.
I can feel myself getting all sappy. It’s almost the end of my final fall semester of undergrad, and, while I’m somewhat anxious to get out of here, I can’t pretend that I won’t miss anyone or anything, or that I won’t miss Brandon when he graduates, or that I won’t miss sharing a room with Elli, or hearing Austin’s corny jokes, or teaching Aaron how to knit, or laughing at how Justin’s always losing his keys. This semester has been so up and down in so many ways, but there’s always been a strand of goodness running through it, and I’m just trying to be thankful for where things are now.