“All good things must come to an end…”

Two weeks from tomorrow I will be on my way home. I can’t believe how fast my time here in Spain has flown by! When I first got here, I remember thinking how far away the month of December seemed; at times, I felt like I couldn’t make it through 15 weeks of being halfway across the world from my family and friends.
Looking back, this semester has been – by FAR – the most challenging and most rewarding that I’ve had thus far in my college career. colosseum.jpg
Not only has my Spanish improved tremendously, but I’ve also learned a whole host of invaluable life lessons. I would say my study abroad experience, as a whole, has helped me become more flexible, more assertive, more independent, and more decisive. It hasn’t been a completely blissful journey, but I truly believe that every bump in the road has made me stronger.
Last weekend my friends and I went to ITALY! It was everything I dreamed it would be…and so much more. When you look at the Colosseum or the Roman ruins, you can’t help but stand in awe of just how much history those monuments hold. rome.jpg
They are unfathomably beautiful. When we weren’t taking in the sights of Rome, we were enjoying the homemade pasta, gelato, pizza, and panini. I think we ate gelato five times in 2 days…yikes! 🙂
I still have one more trip: Portugal. I’m leaving on Monday and returning on Tuesday (no classes on those days because December 8th is Day of the Immaculate Conception – Spain celebrates it as a national holiday). Getting from Santiago to Porto is very simple: 3 hours by bus and you’re there! I have a feeling that next weekend will be a little crazy between packing, souvenir/Christmas shopping and enjoying my favorite things before I head home. I can’t believe the time has passed so quickly, but I’m getting excited about seeing my family and friends, and (of course) returning to Belmont!