International Food Hoorah

This week in the Hillside Apartments (on-campus housing) we had an International Food celebration program where we had food from France, Malaysia, Spain, Argentina, and Kenya. All of the dishes were made by Resident Assistants who had studied in each of the countries. We also had the director of the Study Abroad program as well as a representative from 10,000 Villages present.
Seventy residents (many of whom turned out to be from these different countries) enjoyed Chapati, a traditional Kenyan dish; Tortilla Espanola, the Spanish version of a tortilla which is much more like a fritata or crustless quiche than what we think of as a tortilla; Malaysian Popiah, also known as Spring Rolls; French dessert crepes, cooked by yours truly; and an Argentinian specialty called Milanesa a la napolitana con fritas a caballo–or in other words a veal and french fries.
With international music playing in the back ground, it was a wonderful opportunity to discuss Study Abroad trips and the experiences we all had with our residents.