First Concert of the Year

Last Friday was my first concert of the semester. The newest large ensemble at Belmont, Concert Band,belmont concert band.jpg
performed an outdoor concert in the atriums between Massey and Wilson music buildings. The concert was a huge success, the ensemble playing well overall and having a great turnout for the performance. There were many students and faculty who attended the concert along with a local school who decided to come. Belmont’s concert band is unique because it offers an opportunity for students of all majors to perform challenging music in a relaxed and friendly environment. It is also an excellent opportunity for music education majors, like myself, to play a secondary instrument. So I have been playing bass clarinet in the concert band.
Now it is not unusual for many students at Belmont to play multiple instruments. For me personally, I play alto saxophone in my lessons and in wind ensemble. I play baritone sax and bass clarinet in jazz ensemble. My secondary instrument is clarinet, so I play soprano clarinet in my lessons and bass clarinet in the concert band. I am also learning how to play the cello for my string methods class. In this class we a being prepared to teach students how to play string instruments and we are learning the techniques of teaching a string ensemble. Although I am very busy this semester with rehearsals, classes, and homework this year has been very rewarding and it is remarkable to see the growth that both I and others have achieved since my first semester here.