Exordinary Piano Techniques

Last Friday, my friend Sara and I attended a very interesting music lecture in which some unique ways of playing the piano were demonstrated. Dr. Kevin Richmond, a piano professor at the University of Memphis demonstrated some modern and new ways to play the piano. Not only did Dr. Richmond talk about these different ways to play but he was able to demonstrate them using one of Belmont’s pianos. I could really tell that Dr. Richmond enjoyed teaching this unique form of music along with performing the actual music.
So you may be wondering what is so unique about the way Dr. Richmond studies. Well, he covered 5 different Tone Clusters.png
areas of modern music, the first being the cluster. Playing a cluster on the piano is when you play all the notes between two noted at the same time. A composer who uses clusters usually tell whether they want the pianist to play only the white keys, the black keys, or both by the color the of the note on the music. You can play these notes either with your fingers, knuckles, hand, one arm, or both arms depending on how many notes the composer wants you to cover.
Another area of modern music that he cover was sympathetic vibrations. Sympathetic vibrations are very cool, it is the technique of playing certain notes on the piano in order to hear other strings within the piano. The sound is completely different than just playing the note because the note isn’t really being played by the pianist but instead it is ringing because of the frequency of the actually note being played and its overtones.
Dr. Richmond also demonstrated how some composers even have a musician strum the strings inside the piano like a harp this creates a very unique sound. I really enjoyed the music lecture because it is music that isn’t heard that often. Next week, though, there is going to be several music presentations on African drumming that I am sure will be fantastic.