Don’t Switch that Dial

I’m still alive.
After this week.
I’ve fought a battle and lost.
But God won.
And that’s the way I would rather have it.
Lately, I’ve been trying to sort out my entire life.
In about one month’s time.
The housing search came to fruition today.
I found a place that I will be calling home with 4 other guys
in a community house 10 minutes south of Belmont.
I’m thanking God for unexpected moments.
He definitely made it clear that I must live here.
It will only be for three months.
But the way I look at it is that
it will be a good start.
A start to begin a new life.
A new calendar.
A new season.
Today marked a one-year milestone;
and was full of so many wonderful surprises.
I took a Saturday afternoon drive to Hendersonville with my friend Chris.
I enjoyed it so much on Easter Sunday that I just needed to return.
We visited “The Blue Goose Cafe” [recommended by my bud, Andy.]
The burger was delicious and the tators were definitely
something to write home about.
At lunch, Chris told me that the first time he visited
Nashville was one-year ago this weekend.
I think it’s cool how God orchestrates everything
and is already planning who will make an enormous
impact in my life after graduation.
Here’s the catch though: I don’t even know them yet — and for that matter, haven’t met them.
It’s crazy to think that I probably passed Chris on campus one-year ago —
and had no idea that God would place someone who would be
a friend and a brother in Christ to me.
As for Hendersonville, I was definitely happy to leave Belmont for a little bit.
The lunch was fun. We met a cute waitress — and she knew Andy Wicke.
Even better.
When it comes to life,
I see it as a culmination of mini-adventures.
Today was one of those mini-adventures.
Chris drove — while I soaked up the sun
and stayed in tune with Taylor Swift.
At one point, Chris turned the music down
and I thought my world was going to end.
But then, he turned it back up and the world was
good again.
I know the reverberation of Swift’s music
echoed across the entire town and those broken white lines.
After lunch — we drove around and visited Johnny Cash’s residence.
It’s amazing to visit a place where a legend used to live.
His life still lives on.
RIght now, I’m about exactly three weeks away from graduation.
I’m excited. Happy. Joyful. Scared.
And at times, feel like a snow globe that a little
five-year-old me shook up into a wild mess on Christmas morning.
(Maybe I should talk more about something that’s more summer-related. I guess the Wisconsin winters still stick with me. Thank goodness I’m in Tennessee. It’s much warmer — and today was hot. But well anticipated.)
On the return home, my heart began to beat faster
as soon as I recognized the sign that said “Nashville.”
I’m thankful that the amazing Lord and Savior is allowing me to
live my dream.
I hope you can experience it with me too someday…
that is, if you haven’t already.
Oh yes, and how could I forget.
To cap off the entire day,
I attended Belmont University’s
“Best of the Best” showcase
and soaked in the Texas twang of
Lee Ann Womack.
Great country.
Nothing is better.
All you need is a good friend to tag along.
And a few glasses of sweet tea.
Stay tuned for the next “mini-adventure.”
And don’t switch that dial…
P.S. Are you staying in Nashville for the summer? If so, I suggest that you attend the 2009 CMA Music Festival. This year, the festival will feature Country Music superstars: Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, Martina McBride, Brad Paisley and more!