Carmina Burana

This weekend the Nashville Ballet Company is presenting Carmina Burana in the Tennessee Performing Arts Center DSCF0008.jpg
(TPAC). Belmont’s very own Oratorio Chorus will be featured along with the Nashville’s Ballet, Nashville Symphony, the Nashville Children’s Choir, and several Vocal Soloist. The performance is going to be amazing because it is featuring a cast of hundreds from the Nashville community.
This semester I was fortunate enough to be able to get a spot in the Oratorio Chorus. Oratorio is a required ensemble for all music majors and minors. I have to take two semesters of this particular ensemble because of my music education degree, but the number changes according to an individuals emphasis.
Being in Oratorio this semester has been a very rewarding experience. We have been working on this piece since the beginning of the semester, and let me tell you it has been very difficult. The piece is sung in several variations of Latin. Also in several movements the text are a tongue-twister, along with the rhyming word and the difficult pronunciations at faster tempos. The range of the notes were also difficult forcing the baritones to go up to a high G and the tenors to go way above the staff.
Although the piece was difficult to learn, it is a lot of fun to perform. This was a great opportunity for me to work with professional musicians and performing artist who have been mastering their craft for many years. An opportunity to sing such a powerful and emotional piece comes once in lifetime. So come out and see Carmina Burana showing this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at TPAC. Tickets are on sale at I guarantee that the performance will be truly spectacular.