Maddox Formal

It’s that time of year where everyone is starting to get stressed out because we all have (what feels like) a million papers due, a million tests, and our extra curricular activities all seem more demanding. Thankfully, the Maddox Hall staff knew the perfect way for students to blow off some steam and have a good time by throwing a formal. I love dressing up and being able to have a few carefree hours of fun with my friends.

The evening was a lot of fun. We had fruity “cocktails” (nonalcoholic of course), dessert, and fruit snacks to enjoy while we danced and socialized. Because the theme for the night was James Bond 007, there were also a few tables set up for poker games. I have never played before, but my date let me be on his “team” and we won! Too bad it wasn’t for real money!