Spring Break: Dolly Parton, Laughter & Dusty Clouds

The trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience;
and so is Dolly Parton’s hometown.
The car radio blasts U2;
and the Rolling Stone with Taylor Swift sits in the passenger seat.
The horses stampede against the wind forming dusty clouds;
and the creamy vegetable soup never tasted any better.
The tossing of the frisbee on the lawn brings back childhood memories;
and the “let’s-take-a-walk-to-see-the-sunset” is already part of history.
The sound of Country Music is a part of life;
and the commercials on TV are disheartening.
The world inside is a log cabin filled with laughter;
and the smell of grilled burgers and sweet potato fries.
The world outside is fearless;
and the landscape is filled with an All-American Boy named Luke.
The rippling stream ruffles against the wilderness;
and the mountain climb brought us closer to God.