Figuring Out 22

The movie script is confusing.
The actors are in a million different places.
And no one knows where to go.
The road is never-ending.
The white lines are broken.
And the pair of tennis finally offer a new balance.
The rotating doors never slow down.
The contact lenses are more tired than ever before.
And the glass of water remains half-full.
The 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass makes the world go away.
The radio plays a certain song, as it brings back the parts of yesterday.
And the laughs come back once again.
The nights in September shine brighter than before.
The moments are always sweeter with her in Tennessee.
And outside, the fireflies flicker like an old-fashioned light bulb.
The mornings arrive fast with the clock ticking.
The 24 hours in a day are timeless.
And the goodbyes are always difficult to let go of.
The random excursions are like being blindfolded.
The game board is a coffee cup and a good conversation.
And the pinball machine zooms against gravity.
The journal will continue writing pages.
The thoughts will circle around you and confuse you at 22.
And the optimism will ultimately be wrapped up in the drops of ink.