Dream Big?

Dream Big? If not, try it out for a change.
My favorite parts of the story being written right now are:
1. Experiencing the RollerCoaster Ride of Life down 16th Avenue.
2. Attending an evening full of five-different-decades-of-music.
3. Taking a photograph with the Statue of Liberty.
4. Witnessing the induction of three Country Music Hall of Fame members.
5. Making a difference in the lives of prospective students.
6. Saying “Hi” to an old-lady pushing a stroller with her cat safely confined.
7. Drinking a free bubble smoothie and a Cherry Coke — not at same time though.
8. Sponging-up invaluable advice, insight and wisdom from elders.
9. Enjoying the combination of Sweet Tea, McCallister’s Deli and rock-awesome Sunday afternoon conversation.
10. Cheering as if nothing-else-in-the-world-matters at another b-ball game.
11. Going to Las Palmas twice in one week.
12. Running three miles with one mission in mind.
13. Having a priceless talk with mom-and-dad.
14. Watching Grandma’s television set in 1997…and experiencing the dream 12 years later!
*This whole post is inspired by my friend, Anna (picture above).