The lamp posts are like fireflies —
on nights where the stars shine like confetti.
There’s an old-man across the street,
strumming his guitar —
no care in the world,
no worries in his heart.
Down yonder, just take a look.
The music notes come alive,
just like a piano note song book.
There’s so much to believe,
and so much here to see —
that you’ll just never want to leave.
Wait for the train, it’s coming.
Be sure to hop aboard,
with hopes and dreams,
and snapshots —
There’s just no tellling where you’ll go.
Get off and take a stroll,
and race towards the steps of freedom,
where the history of the melody lives —
and everything you’ve dreamed of.
The world keeps on spinning,
the sky keeps getting bigger,
there’s no telling what will happen next,
in a town where everything shimmers.
The cheers, the thunder, the applause.
The goodbyes, the good times,
and what you’ve learned,
is what is already gone.
Yesterday no longer matters,
because today is what you’ve waited for.
The open door is here for you,
all you have to do
is walk right through.