A day in the life…

Life is so crazy right now. But I love it. I am definitely learning the importance of time management, and remembering to tell myself: “It will all get done.” And you know what? Even if it doesn’t, that’s still okay.
To give you an idea of the craziness of my schedule, on a typical day…
7 am – My alarm clock goes off. I quickly roll over to hit “snooze” and then proceed to lay in bed until (at least) 7:15.
7:45 am – Head to work (in Admissions), grabbing a quick bite to eat on my way there.
8-10:30 am – Work! Honestly, I have one of the best on-campus jobs ever. I am a Belmont receptionist (also referred to as a “Welcome Desk Worker”) so, basically, I get to greet anyone who comes into Freeman Hall, serve as an operator for the Admissions department, schedule campus visits, and check-in prospective students. I absolutely love it.
11 am-1 pm – Class. On Monday/Wednesday/Friday I have Hispanic-American Literature and Spanish Conversation.
1 pm – Meet some friends in the Curb Café for a Quiznos sandwich and, of course, a cookie…
2:30 pm – Head to the Beaman to workout OR go for a walk outside, especially if the weather is as nice as it is today (it’s almost 70º here!).
3-5 pm – Shower, attempt to start on homework. Ray&Al.jpg
5 pm – Swing by Bongo Java on the way to my Wednesday night class (caffeine is THE ONLY possible way to make it through a night class).
5:30-9 pm (only on Wednedays) – Night class: World History since 1500. Not exactly the most exciting part of my day, but the teacher is phenomenal and…guess what…it’s only an 8-week class, so I will be done by spring break!
9 pm – Relax. Then, work on homework and/or find ways to thoroughly procrastinate starting on it.
10ish – Catch up with friends, head to Sonic for a junior ice cream candy sundae (they are the best!).
11:30 pm – Crawl into bed and read (for fun, of course) until my eyelids will no longer stay open. (That typically consists of 5-10 minutes.) tulips.jpg