What Nashville Means to Me

The skyscrapers touch the sky.
The stars shine just as bright —
and the world keeps on spinning.
The musical notes blend into the water.
The ripples fade but no matter what,
The reflection is always right.
It’s more exciting than ordinary.
Because anything less is gray.
So it must be a new day.
The old-wooden fence shines against the sunlight.
The iPod thumps as I run.
The run takes me anywhere I want to go.
The morning transcends into evening.
The moon could capture the lens.
Too bad it’s too late.
But tomorrow — well, it’s a new day.
To give the rest of the world what little I have.
The hello’s turn to dust.
The goodbye’s revolve into new relationships.
So here I am.
No longer running.
But spinning towards God.
And, because it’s a new day
I have something to look forward to.
*The picture above is a photo of me and my friends Chris and Cheryl.