The Past 12 Months

Here is my recap of 2008:
January induced a new depth of faith, with a few gusts of cold wind and a remarkable hope for discovery.
February brought forth warmth and one too many glasses of sweet tea.
March sprung up a few flowers, warmer weather and a revolutionized heart.
April drowned in uncertainty about future collegiate endeavors.
May wasn’t all I expected it to be; it was so much more.
June flew by like a Silver Thunderbird on a deserted, lost highway – with my dreams trailing in the dust.
July lit up the sky, out shined the stars, and burned the midnight oil.
August invested time in new friendships and lessons learned.
September turned a year older, with twenty-two candles to blow-out.
October painted red, orange and yellow brush strokes against an old-fashioned, Tennessee country road.
November was exhausting – with unforgiving raindrops pattering against the windowpanes on those hot-cup-of-coffee-mornings.
December remembered the good times, celebrated the present, and invited a guest in or two.
P.S. I can’t wait to see what 2009 has in store! How bout you? :o)