Election Day Party!

So, on November 4th, 2008, the United States of America selected Barack Obama as our next president. It was quite an exciting night. Most of it spent with my friends in Belmont Service Year watching the results come in, prepared for a late night and getting a really early one when at about 10pm CNN told us Barack Obama was the next president. Needless to say, it was a pretty exciting moment for us. I didn’t vote for either major party candidate, but I was still very excited to see the election of the nation’s first black President. It was very moving and John McCain’s concession speech was very gracious as well. What I thought was a really cool thing, though, was the part Belmont played in the selection of this President. While the debates may not have been the deciding factors for many, it is still really awesome that Belmont got to host one of the three debates in a historic election of enormous proportions. Belmont also offered a lot of election coverage through the Belmont Vision, several convocations, and an election night viewing party.