The Fall

I enjoy the fall days.
The cool, crisp weather.
The hot-chocolate.
The red, orange, and yellow leaves.

I enjoy the simplicity of life.
Carving pumpkins.
Bright candles.
Jack-O-Lantern nights.
Taylor Swift’s “Should’ve Said No” blasting on the car radio.
Friends along for the joy ride.
Headed for who knows where.
Haunted woods adventure.
Apple-cider afternoons.
Orange lights and skeleton skulls.
No more promises.
I’m glad I transferred.
If I was there now, I would have regrets.
Just broken memories.
And tarnished-photographs.
Microsoft word.
Burning the midnight oil.
This time.
I’m finished with the assignments.
New day.
Cold evenings.
I miss them.
Only a phone-call away.
Dreamin’ without boundaries.
I’m finally living.
Gotta jump right in.
Can’t wait to see what lies ahead…