Life Doesn’t Always Go According To Plan

As cliche as that sounds, it really is true. Sometimes life seems so perfectly mapped out and manageable, but sometimes, out of the blue, our plans shatter to pieces due to decisions or experiences beyond our control.

I know in my personal life recently I feel like everything has changed and I’m playing an entirely new ball game than I was two weeks ago. At first I was scared and I worried. I even felt abandoned. I wondered if I had felt like God had blessed my plans (or if they were His plans) why there was any earthly reason for them not to work out. However, sometimes experiences beyond our personal control change everything–and to be honest it is just confusing. And as difficult as this may feel sometimes it is really important to remember what we DO have.
Despite the fact that my world has completely changed in a week, I have to admit that is feels like much less of a tragedy and much more of a stepping stone to becoming who I am in Christ when I look up and see the arms around me.
“I thank God every time I think of you…”