Reaching Out

One of the community service programs that RUF just kicked off this year is tutoring kids at a local elementary school. I was so excited when I found out about this! First of all, I love working with kids. In the future – no matter which profession I choose to pursue – I have a feeling that I will find a way to work with them in some way. Also, I was excited to tutor because I really enjoy teaching. 7067358_BG4.jpg I entered Belmont as an Education major, and I still have a passion for it, even though I don’t plan on pursuing that career as of now. Most importantly, I wanted to be a part of this outreach program because I enjoy connecting with people and being able to make their lives easier in any way that I can. It can be so simple! In fact, sometimes what makes the biggest impact is just your presence.
Most of the kids were from lower-income families, so it offered me a different perspective than what I’m normally used to. Although these kids live just a few miles away from Belmont, their lives seem to be worlds away. It’s almost embarrassing to think about just how big the gap between us is, but at the same time it’s encouraging to remember that every step we take to reach out helps to bridge the gap. During the two hours that we were there, I worked with a darling 1st grade boy named Caleb. He was working on his English homework, practicing punctuation and writing complete sentences. It took some motivation, but we eventually finished the worksheet and challenged each other to a game of air hockey…I won! I can’t wait to go back again to meet other kids and to enjoy fellowship with them.
Something else that is awesome about these kids, is that last year they were able to help design a new playground for their school/community! Click here to read more about it.