Simple Moments.

There is nothing like enjoying the most simple moments in life.
Here are a few that I have experienced in the past few days:
1. Walking outside in the pouring rain, embracing God’s amazing grace.
(There is nothing like it. You should try it sometime.)
2. Receiving a phone call from mom and dad, at just the right time.
(Especially when I am stressed out from school.)
3. Shooting hoops wth my rock-awesome bud, KB.
(I am not very good, but I am still working on that jump shot.)

4. Making peanut butter bars with my cool friend, Anna.
(This experience was unbelievably fun.)
5. Running along Belmont boulevard and saying hi to a stranger.
(The warmest smile can come from someone you don’t even know.)
6. Taking a test and feeling accomplished afterwards.
(It is definitely worth it to study hard, because it pays off.)
7. Attending a free songwriter’s award show at the Ryman Auditorium.
(Featuring Reba McEntire, Brooks and Dunn, and LeAnn Rimes.)
8. Grabbing coffee on an early Saturday morning at Bongo Java.
(This is especially fun in the fall season, because it’s fun to watch the leaves fall down.)
9. Taking photos of the most ordinary moments in life, and capturing them all.
(It’s neat to have your stories lived on camera.)
10. Making a difference in a friend’s life without even noticing.
(This may be the miracle that I have been waiting for.)