Christian Ethics

One of my favorite classes this semester is Christian Ethics. It’s taught by Dr. Andy Watts and focuses on how Christians are to live and respond to moral dillemmas and situations. One of the books we’ve been reading in the class is Stanley Hauerwas’ “The Peaceable Kingdom: A Primer in Christian Ethics.” While Hauerwas is not the easiest person to understand (He has a really confusing style of writing) he brings up a lot of interesting points–nuggets in the midst of incomprehensible tangents– that really make me rethink what it looks like to be a Christian. What is really cool about Hauerwas, though, is that he came to our school and spoke. A lot of what he said was similar to what Shane Claiborne (except in really academic speech) writes in Jesus for President. I really love all the great speakers we’ve had this year to discuss Christianity and Politics. It’s been quite fascinating