Austin ’08!

“>IMG_4521.jpg My friend Julianne and I drove 12 and a half hours to Austin this weekend. We hung out with her family for a couple of days and ate a lot of good food (mainly Tex-Mex) and relaxed, watching Chocolat with her grandma and aunt. It was a great time and Julianne and I had a lot of bonding (what do you expect with over 24 hours spent together in a car). On the way back to Nashville (We got in at 4 in the morning) we stopped and visited my brother Ryan at Ouachita Baptist University, where he attends. It was quite a good time jamming to music and snacking and laughing. Road Trips are so awesome. I love being on the road and I’m excited about the rest of Fall break. Hopefully I can get a lot more homework done now that I’m back in Nashville.