You know you’ve made Nashville your home when…

So, I have to say that I wasn’t quite as excited to leave for Fall Break this year as I was last year. Don’t get me wrong – I was definitely looking forward to relaxing and spending time with my family (and I’m having a great time here in Kansas City) – but I didn’t feel like I absolutely needed to come home. Last year it was so difficult to get on that plane and head back to Belmont, but I know that this year it will be much easier. Parthenon.jpg
Nashville has become my home. It would be impossible to say what my absolute favorite thing about Nashville is, so I decided to narrow it down to these 10 things that I really love about it.
You know you’ve made Nashville your home when…
1. You have memorized which streets change names. (For example, White Bridge Road turns into Woodmont Blvd., which turns into Thompson Lane, which turns into Briley Parkway.)
2. You have the best selection of radio stations.
3. You have (finally) found a church home. (Mine happens to be Fellowship Bible Church.)
4. Bongo Java has become a daily addiction.
5. You have developed an appreciation for country music – even if you hated it before.
6. You look forward to fall more than any other season because there’s nothing better than driving down Granny White Pike with the windows down, music turned up loud, enjoying the beautiful scenery.
7. You have a “usual” at Pancake Pantry. Pancake_Pantry.jpg
8. You can navigate the highways and interstates without circling I-440.
9. You see Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban at your favorite sushi restaurant. (This happened to me last week!)
10. You can’t imagine being happier anywhere else.