Old Friends, New Beginnings

It’s been nearly three weeks since I returned to Nashville and I am so very happy to be back. The highlight of my nine-hour drive from Kansas City was – hands down – seeing the Batman (AT&T) Building. As my mom and I entered the city, I tuned the radio to my favorite station (100.1 FM), turned up the volume, and happily proclaimed, “I’m home!!!”

I think back to this time last year, and it amazes me how much my life has changed since then. I have to say, returning to Belmont as a sophomore is definitely much easier than it was to enter as a freshman. I didn’t even cry when I said goodbye to my parents this year! It helped tremendously to have a community of people who were equally as excited to see me as I was to see them. There is definitely something to be said about feeling a sense of belonging; everyone wants to know that if they left, someone, or perhaps even several people, would miss them. Establishing these connections takes time, and I think that this is a huge part of the college transition – especially for those who choose to attend a school where they don’t know anyone. The biggest piece of advice that I could ever give a freshman as far as making friends and establishing an identity at college, is this: It takes time. All of the patience and effort that goes into the process is well worth it when you return to campus and see someone running towards you, yelling your name, telling you that they have missed you all summer.
My room this year is AWESOME! DSCN2925.JPG It makes a huge difference, of course, to only have one roommate…but still. I don’t know how I did it, but I think I chose one of the biggest rooms in Thrailkill. We have so much space! The table and chairs that are in the nook – the part of the room that we affectionately refer to as the French Bistro – are from Goodwill. We ended up paying a total of $15 for them which was a great deal! I love being in the room this year because it just feels so much more like home.
The best decision that I’ve made this semester (so far) has been joining RUF (Reformed University Fellowship). n500246147_1285713_127.jpg RUF is a group of non-denominational Christians who meet on Tuesday nights for a worship service that is led by our pastor, Kevin Twit. Other than the Tuesday night meetings, there are several other ways to get connected with RUF, and I’m trying to take advantage of as many of them as possible. I have met so many wonderful people through this organization and I can’t believe that I didn’t start going until this year! We just started a Monday night women’s Bible study and I’m really looking forward to it – we’ll be studying the book of John.
The semester is off to a great start! I can’t imagine being this happy anywhere else.