Summer Vacations

One week from today I will be laying on a sunny beach in Key Largo, Florida, and (hopefully) getting a nice tan. Summer trips to Florida have been a family tradition for years, but this year, instead of going to Marco Island, FL (our usual destination), we’re mixing it up and going to Key Largo! I don’t quite remember how we decided on that location, but it’s referenced in the song “Kokomo” so it’s gotta be pretty good, right?! My only concern is the weather. You never know what to expect when it’s hurricane season, but hopefully the rain will clear off so that we can enjoy some of that beautiful, sunny Florida weather!

Last week we visited my Mamaw in Kennett, MO. It was so nice to relax and catch up with my mom’s side of the family. My Mamaw is, of course, an amazing cook so I really enjoyed helping her make Mexican cornbread (it’s perfect with her beef stew). We accidentally added four whole jalapeño peppers to the cornbread, so it was extra spicy this time! P1010480.JPG Since we were only in town Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we didn’t get to see my cousins as much as I would have liked to. One of them was at summer camp, and the other was working and then taking a rafting trip with his fraternity brothers. Anyway, we still had a great time. Before leaving, we went out to eat at Lambert’s Café. I had never been there before and, let me tell you, it was quite an experience. About every ten minutes or so, someone comes into the dining room with a tray of freshly-baked rolls. If you hold your hand up, they will actually throw you a roll. I was worried that I might not catch a roll (my hand-eye coordination isn’t exactly great), but I did! Everyone had fun at Lambert’s—it was a great way to end the trip to Mamaw’s.
While we were out shopping at Target the other day, my mom and I found a pretty blue comforter and sheet set to put on my bed this semester! Last year I didn’t really have a comforter; I brought a few sheet sets and a couple of blankets, but after I saw my roommates’ comforters I wanted one too! Shopping for college “stuff” is definitely much easier this summer than it was last summer. I already have several basic things (my shower caddy, for example), so now I can relax and enjoy shopping for any other items that I might need. It’s not nearly as overwhelming this year. It actually makes me really excited about the upcoming semester! Since it will just be Raychel and I rooming together this year, we should have plenty of space for lounge chairs and other fun things. I absolutely cannot WAIT to see Raychel, and all of my other friends from Belmont—three months is just way too long to be away from them!!! Only a few weeks now until our reunion! I can’t wait.
Something else that is getting me excited about returning to Belmont is the fact that there will be three new restaurants in the Curb Café! We’re adding “Mein Bowl,” which will serve authentic Asian cuisine; “WOW” (“World of Wings”), which will serve not only several different types of chicken, but also quesadillas, Texas toast burgers, and salads; and, my personal favorite, Quiznos! I’m going to have to restrain myself from eating at Quiznos every day—I don’t want to get sick of it! (Although I’m not sure it’s possible to get sick of Quiznos.) I can’t wait to get back so that I can try out all of the new dining options and see what other new additions Belmont has made.