Party Time

My mom celebrated her 50th birthday last week. A pretty exciting time for our family. We had a big party at the church and stayed up all night. Quite the good time.
Other than that I’ve just been working and reading. I’m really enjoying Thomas Merton’s book, “The Seven Storey Mountain.” He’s probably my new favorite author. I’m really looking forward to going back to school. Only 3 more weeks. I’m really excited to be a Tower Team leader. I can’t wait to meet some of the incoming Freshman!

Summer Vacations

One week from today I will be laying on a sunny beach in Key Largo, Florida, and (hopefully) getting a nice tan. Summer trips to Florida have been a family tradition for years, but this year, instead of going to Marco Island, FL (our usual destination), we’re mixing it up and going to Key Largo! I don’t quite remember how we decided on that location, but it’s referenced in the song “Kokomo” so it’s gotta be pretty good, right?! My only concern is the weather. You never know what to expect when it’s hurricane season, but hopefully the rain will clear off so that we can enjoy some of that beautiful, sunny Florida weather!

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Boundary Lines

The Fourth of July went off with an exploding bang. The fireworks lit up the pitch-black sky with showers of glowing confetti. This year, I spent the 4th with a few friends. We grilled out, ate scrumptious food, and of course – capped off the night with a spectacular fireworks show.

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Catching Up

This summer has been great so far. I have gotten to do so many awesome things. I have traveled to Detroit and Omaha and still have Cashiers, North Carolina and Los Angeles, California to visit before the summer is up. What exactly have I been up to?
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Slightly Surreal

When I went to Nashville two weeks ago today, my friend, Julianne, picked me up from the airport and it was hilariously awkward at first (but then we just have an extremely awkward friendship in the first place). Anyways, we were talking and I told her that it is weird to actually be living something you’ve been anticipating so much, and I think that kind of sums up my vacation. It was really great, but there was a slight element of the surreal attached to it just because I had been looking forward to it so much, it didn’t seem like it would really ever come. Hanging out with Julianne and Sarah and David and Irieon for most of the day was pretty fantastic. I love Nashville and getting to see Dan before he left for Africa was pretty awesome too.

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At the Old Ballgame!

Ever since we have lived in Kansas City, Royals baseball games have been a summer tradition in my family. My dad, a dedicated sports fan, buys 40 home game tickets each season and proudly cheers the Royals on…no matter what their record is ;-). We always have a great time at Kauffman Stadium (pictured at right), especially on Friday nights when they shoot off fireworks after the game.P1010377.JPG I love spending nights at the ballgame with my family, and I hope that the tradition continues for years to come (which, knowing my dad, it probably will). The Royals take on the Seattle Mariners tonight here in KC -I’ll be at the stadium, cheering them on to victory!

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