CMA Fest, Sunshine and One Great Flick

I cannot believe that it is already the twenty-fourth of June! Where has this time gone? I have honestly been out of school for more than an entire month.

Couple weeks ago, I dived into the pool of excitement, live music and pure exhaustion. As a student-journalist for the Country Music Association (CMA), I covered the entire 2008 CMA Fest from dawn-til-dusk. The greatest moments of the 4-day event included attending backstage press conferences including: Carrie Underwood, Alan Jackson and Faith Hill. The entire event enabled me to conform to writing deadlines in an environment of 95-degree weather, paper-fans and live music exploding from those gigantic stage-speakers. Check out for my writing samples, that is, if you are interested.
Just recently, I’ve been quite excited about another opportunity that has arisen. I am going to be a tutor for an eleven-year-old boy named Lane! I will be helping him establish a greater foundation of sixth grade math level skills. Personally, I am anticipating this new journey because it will enable me to be a mentor to someone that is ten years younger than me.
This week, my parents are driving down from the great state of Wisconsin! I am pumped for their arrival. I’m sure it will be a blastin’ hot week in Music City. Anyway, I’m going to enjoy this sunny summer day. As a side note, I’d recommend the movie “Into the Wild” as my summer pick-flick for that lazy, rainy day. It’s definitely worth watching!