Summer, Friends, Nashville

I am sunburnt on my face and back pretty bad. Baseball is over, life must go on. I watched a movie in my friend’s mansion house in his own movie theatre last night. What else? Here it goes……

I am not much of a surfer but I try my best to have a good time with it. I love being out on the water. Nothing else seems to matter and worries seems to fade when your waiting for a wave. That is a good place to be. Just make sure and put some good SPF on before you head out.
My friend Marty’s dad’s house is amazing. I have been over there quite a bit over the past year and it still never ceases to amaze me. We watched the third Pirates movie last night and the surround sound in the theatre was ridiculous. It was good seeing some friends I hadn’t seen in a couple years and catching up with them. I was almost to the point of tears after some of our old stories were told. Good times.
I am headed back to Nashville tomorrow night and looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. I will be taking two classes and then interning for a songwriter named Ben Glover. He is a really great writer and great guy. I am sure I will learn a ton. Also, I will be attending the CMA Music Fest next week and I’m really looking forward to it. I cant wait to see Taylor Swift and Keith Urban. I am upset however, that Dierks Bentley won’t be playing. There is always next year though. Let’s just hope.
Monday night I got to see my friends Mark and James play a show at the House of Blues in Orlando and it was great. It was the last stop of a great tour all around the U.S. They played everywhere from LA to Utah, to New York. I am so excited for them and their future in music. You can check them out here.