Too Much R & R?

Well, I’ve been home for almost one month now and I’m still really enjoying it. I love being able to cook, spend time with my family, and just relax. I miss my friends from Belmont, but we’ve been keeping in touch through phone conversations, text messages, and, of course, Facebook. Up until now, I didn’t really think that I would need to apply for a summer job here in Kansas City. I had a few babysitting jobs lined up, so I figured that those would be enough to keep me busy (and help me earn a few extra bucks). I didn’t want to commit myself to a job because I wanted to make sure that I had plenty of time to hang out with family and friends here before returning to Belmont in the fall. Well, after spending a few afternoons polishing my nails and watching reruns of “Top Chef,” I have decided that a summer job might not be such a bad idea after all…

Since I’ve been interested in the Culinary Arts, I thought that it might be wise to look for a part-time job in that field. One of my dad’s friends from college works at a French bistro, Aixois, and he offered to ask the manager if it would be alright for me to come observe and possibly help out in the kitchen. So on Tuesday afternoon I helped with prep work in the kitchen. I helped to make a tomato appetizer, hollandaise sauce, pasta, and…I learned how to properly butcher a duck. It was very interesting! Everyone was so nice to me, and it was great to have the opportunity to work right alongside them in the kitchen. In order to prepare the tomato appetizer, I had to puree several garlic cloves with a few bunches of parsley. Before putting the garlic in the food processor, I chopped all of the tiny brown “stems” off of them (that was pretty tedious), and my hands still smell like garlic! I love garlic, but I can’t stand smelling like it, so hopefully that smell will fade soon. During my experience working at Aixois, I learned one very important thing: I do not want to work in a restaurant. While I love cooking, I just don’t think that I’m meant to be a restaurant chef. I would much rather just cook for my family. 🙂 I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to get in the kitchen and learn that about myself, because I had been planning to attend culinary school after graduating from Belmont. While I would still love to attend culinary school someday, I don’t think that I will pursue a career in the Culinary Arts.
My brother graduated from 8th grade this week!!! I really can’t believe that he’s already going to be in high school – it seems like just yesterday I was getting ready to do that. P1010183.JPG His 8th grade graduation ceremony was on Tuesday morning (the picture is from that event) and then he went to a dance that evening. While it was sad to know that he’s growing up so quickly, I’m also very excited for him to experience high school. I know he’s going to be very athletic (he already plays basketball, tennis, and baseball), and he’s taking all “honors” classes (just like his big sister did!).
Well, I don’t really have any other exciting news to report. We have some friends visiting from out-of-town this weekend, so I think we’re going to take them to P.F. Chang’s for lunch today! Overall, summer is going great. I will keep you updated on the job situation…hopefully I’ll have everything figured out by the time I write my next entry!