The Summer Days.

I cannot believe that the first week of summer has already flown by. Lately, it seems as if the days fly away and vanish; just like those colorful red, yellow and orange balloons that somehow escape from a child’s hand on his or her ninth birthday. Beneath a picturesque sunset, the balloons soar towards the sky – and within moments, disappear admist the clouds.

For the first few days of summer, I really did not get a “break.” As a resident assistant, I was required to check-out all of my spring residents. Immediately after, I began summer R.A. training. To say the least, I have barely been able to take a break and catch-up on some well deserved rest. However, I am thankful that as the check-in and check-out process winds down; I am beginning to believe that it already feels more like summer.
In terms of other summer activities, I am the charity golf coordinator for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation(JDRF). For the remainder of the month (and the entire month of June), I will be assisting the staff at JDRF in organizing their 12th annual charity golf event. I am bombastically thrilled to be a part of this event because it will raise funds to accelerate the cure for juvenile diabetes. Moreover, the event on June 17 will also feature country stars such as Luke Bryan and Heidi Newfield alongside the Titans cheerleaders.
In other news, I definitely finished my junior year off with a bang! I am prepared for the spontaneity that summer has to offer; and am anticipating that I will have more time for photography and journaling. Anyway, I’m going to get going! Have a great weekend!