Dead Day Fun!!!

What do you get with a beautiful Nashville day, no school, great friends, and a great idea??? A trip to the Nashville Zoo on Dead Day!! Dead Day, for those who don’t know, is supposed to be a “study day” before exams start. However, most of my exams were before Dead Day, so I got to just hang out with friends!

I honestly can’t think of a better way to have spent my day! I woke up around 8:30am to start off my adventurous day! My friend/future roommate, Chelsey, picked me up and then we went to Panera to grab a bagel, then picked up our friend, Ryan from campus. From here, we started our trek to the zoo. It’s only about ten minutes from campus, if that!
Chels, Ryan, and I, three girls in search of a Dead Day adventure, decided to re-live our days of childhood field trips and family fun. We had such a good time! We took tons of pictures of the animals and loved being able to spend the day outside. My personal favorites at the zoo were the Bengal tigers, the reptiles, and the giraffes! There was a giraffe that came up really close to the fence. I loved it! I always secretly wish that I could free all the animals and put then back in their natural environments. However, I love being able to be so close to such beautiful animals.
Hot dog at the zoo: $2.00
Pretzel at the zoo: $1.50
Souvenir cup: $3.25
Ticket to the zoo: $13
Memories made on Dead Day: PRICELESS!!
p.s. I’m watching TV right now because there is nothing else to do and I don’t need to study for my finals….anyway, this commercial just came on and it had a girl surfing and I had the sudden urge to learn how to surf.