Time Flies

I cannot believe this year is almost over. It seems like just yesterday I was applying for Belmont and now summer is in our midst. I have had a great year. I’d like to recap a few things that I have got to experience and be a part of thus far.
Here goes….

*I got to help out and lead worship for Synodia, a special Martin Luther King service, and Spiritual Emphasis Week.
*I got to go see some of my favorite artists in concert: Family Force 5, Red, Between the Trees, Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz, This Beautiful Republic, Brandon Heath…..just to mention a few.
*I had the privilege of attending Tin Pan South and got to see 4 great songwriters. The guy who wrote “Maniac” was even there. That was awesome.
*Although I have to attend for my major, I enjoyed going to the Insiders View. I learned a lot from different artists and managers. They are very helpful and give you a real inside look at life in the music industry.
*My song-writing class is amazing. I have learned so much. My teacher has passed on so much insight and knowledge to us.
*Baseball season is in full swing and going pretty well. It really keeps me busy and humble at the same time. Its one of those games that can go any way at any time.
*Lastly, I got to go to the CMT Awards last Monday night. That was something I will never forget. I had such a great time. So many great performances. Keith Urban is one of my heroes and put on a great performance. Carrie Underwood can sing. What a great night.
This year is another example of how time just keeps going. I am so happy to be at Belmont. I look forward to this summer; interning, taking some classes, enjoying life, and maybe do some traveling.
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