Easter/Spring Break

Being 11 hours away from home and spending Easter and Spring break here in Nashville can be a scary and lonely experience. Good thing I have great friends. Easter Shooting.jpg

Easter Sunday, Josh, who is one of my teammates invited everyone who wasn’t able to make it home for break over to his parent’s house for lunch, good times, and fellowship. Lunch was amazing. His mom is a great cook. After pot roast, pork tenderloin, vegetables, mashed potatoes, green beans, and cobbler we were stuffed. Over lunch we shared stories and experiences of past Easters and Spring Breaks, we talked about how thankful we were that Jesus is our savior, and how blessed we are to have all that we do.
After lunch and dessert we headed over to Josh’s Uncle’s farm to shoot guns. This was something I will never forget. I must admit, I am not a big gun guy. In fact, I had only shot guns one time previous. We shot at bottles, targets, and even trees. We shot shotguns, pistols, riffles, and revolvers. Shooting was fun, but more importantly was the fellowship and bond between the 12 of us guys. These are the moments that are special to me. I love building relationships.
The rest of my Spring Break was spent playing baseball, practicing, and trying to relax as much as possible. Thursday night I saw Red in concert. They were great and have amazing hearts. I love seeing Christian bands that rock.
Sacrifice. This is something I do for something I love. I haven’t had a “real” spring break since I can remember because of baseball. But its ok, I enjoy what I do and its the price I have to pay. Sacrifice. What God did for us, sending Jesus to save the lost; us.