Disney, Disney..and more Disney

It’s the first week back from Spring Break and I feel like I’ve already been here for a month. It’s also weird knowing that there’s only a month left until summer. I can’t believe the semester has come to a close so quickly. On the upside, I had a good Spring Break 08! I just went back to good ole Franklin, TN and spent time with the fam, did a couple photo shoots, when to a show, and spent time with friends. It was all the makings of an incredible week and a half!

I started off my spring break driving to a photo shoot for a pageant/prom/homecoming dress company called Party Time Formals. I had a blast! I worked with them earlier this summer and I was excited when they called me to work with them again. I’ve always loved playing dress-up and getting my hair and make-up done, so I had a lot of fun. They ended up calling me again later in the week to shoot some more pictures, so that was pretty cool.
Other than that, I did what everyone should do on Spring Break: sleep, eat good food, hang out with friends, etc. I went to the Corey Smith show off of 8th Ave. That was a great concert!! I’m an even bigger Corey Smith fan than I was before now that I’ve seen him perform live. It was great. The sad part of my week is that I ended up getting a flu-like virus. I had a fever and couldn’t get out of bed for like two days straight. That was quite unfortunate. On the upside, I caught up on A LOT of sleep and watched some good movies. I watched “The Game Plan” starring The Rock. It’s a typical, precious Disney movie. Seeing as I have an obsession with Disney movies, I loved it! I continued my Disney movie marathon a few days later with a friend of mine once I got back to campus. We watched “The Rookie” which is all about baseball…another Disney classic. The following day, I watched “The Lion King” with my best friend, Chelsey. We sang along to all the songs, laughed at the silly jokes, and cried when Mufasa died (ok…who doesn’t cry at that part?!?!? It is SO SAD!!!). I definitely intend to continue this Disney extravaganza I have going on right now. I really enjoy it. It helps to watch movies like that at this time of the year. With auditions, exams, and people leaving, it helps to get my mind off of any stress that’s going on.
In all, I’m just getting back into the swing of things and getting ready to finish off the semester! I’m kind of sad that everyone will be leaving soon, but I’m ready for summer! It’s time for some quality time with the girls and just relaxing in the sun!
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