Looking Forward to Looking Back

The bright lights of the city shined brilliantly as I began to descend into Nashville. And for that matter, so did the smile on my face. For some reason, I am confident that this year is going to be much different from last year. I plan to make every moment count as if it would be my last. Furthermore, I definitely want to put forth 110% in school, and in the meantime, set aside time to explore the creative side of photography and writing.

I arrived in Music City a few days earlier due to the fact that I am a Resident Assistant in the Bruin Hills apartment complex on campus. The warmer weather in Tennessee is definitely a treat compared to the arctic chill of northern Wisconsin! For a Monday, today was somewhat relaxing! I worked out, attended a programming session, took a walk with a good friend, and as for tonight, am planning on meeting my buddy Josh in the Curb Cafe! Without a doubt, I am definitely enjoying the relaxation time before the second part of my junior year begins to roll around.
Surprisingly, I cannot believe that it is already 2008. Where did the time go?! I am thoroughly ecstatic that it is a brand new year mainly because I look forward to new beginnings. Three years ago, I never imagined that I would be down in Nashville in pursuit of a degree which only existed in my dreams. Now, it is three years later, and here I am; with the audacity to somehow change the world, the motivation to institute a revolution of faith and hope, and ultimately, the ability to learn that I am capable of surpassing any recollections of doubt, unconfidence, or fear. I can do the impossible. And most definitely, am looking forward to looking back…!