Crazy Week

This week has definitely been busier than I expected it to be! I moved into Bruin Hills – and am definitely content with the living situation. Along with the move – I’m learning to adjust to the responsibilities which automatically tag along with being a Resident Assistant. Nonetheless, I am bombastically excited for what the future holds.

So far, the most rewarding part of this week has revolved around the Country Music Awards. On Wednesday, I volunteered as an “escort helper” for Service Corps. Throughout the evening, I ran across celebrities such as Jessica Simpson and Dierks Bentley. As a whole, the CMAs were definitely a highlight of my week.
On Thursday – I had two exams which were back-to-back. The amazing Lord enabled me to get through both exams by allowing me to retain the material I studied a few days before. As for the evening – I went to a friend’s house for some homemade pepperoni pizza. Fortunately, I somehow experienced a somewhat relaxing day despite my two exams in the early morning.
For the weekend, I have to do some homework and work the desk at Bruin Hills. And without a doubt, am counting down the days until I fly home for Thanksgiving Break. This semester has flown by and there is no sign that it is going to slow down now. Anyways – I am going to start enjoyin’ my weekend. It will be rock-awesome.