The Folly of Fall

So Friday and Saturday October 19th and 20th, I got to be a stagehand for Fall Follies. Fall Follies is an annual variety show that parodies life at Belmont, kind of similar to Saturday Night Live, I guess, in style. It’s pretty much amazing and they also have four really cool artists perform during the show along with the houseband that helps to transition everything from skit to skit. It was really interesting being on the behind the scenes side of Follies this year, though every bit as enjoyable as spectating. Last years Follies was simply hilarious and though I wasn’t able to see this year’s Follies, save a rehearsal, the general consensus is that it was really good this year. Lots of students bring their parents or friends who don’t go to Belmont and its really a great way to share the University’s sense of humor with people.

Aside from Follies, The Urban/Pop Showcase was this past Saturday, October 27th, and it was phenomenal. Four artists performed, Steve Moakler, Alvin Love, Stephen Fryrear, and Brett McLaughlin. I have to say my favorites were Steve Moakler and Alvin Love though all the artists were good. Alvin Love had an awesome dance routine at the end of his final show that just astonished everybody. It’s no wonder he won the whole thing. Overall, it’s been a busy past few weeks and I’m up to my head in homework, but it’s all good, and everything’s getting done on time. Hopefully I can just hold out until Thanksgiving break.