I’m a tourist.

I am obsessed with taking photographs. I thoroughly appreciate the art of taking some rock-awesome photos. Sometimes – the light is almost perfect to capture the essence of the simplest things in life. This past weekend, I traveled fifteen miles south to Franklin with a buddy of mine to catch some cool shots. To say the least – it was quite a productive fall afternoon! I only wish the weather would cool down somewhat! My friends think I’m crazy because I take my camera everywhere with me! But, nonetheless – I enjoy bringing out those rock-awesome tourist qualities around Nashville-town on a daily basis.

This past Friday afternoon, I hopped in my 1997 beige Oldsmobile Cutlass with the sound of Rascal Flatts exploding from the speakers. Coincidentally, I was leaving Lyric Street Records (the record label in which I intern for) – and immediately, became overwhelmed with optimism by realizing that this is what I want to do once I am out of college. I do not want to do anything else but work in the music industry. End of story. Well…not quite yet…
Last night – I received a call from one of my best buds in North Carolina. It was good to catch up and reminsce about the times spent in our hometown of Wisconsin Rapids, WI. If you’ve never been to Wisconsin, I highly recommend it. My buddy Andy is currently aiming towards a degree in Professional Golf Management in North Carolina – and I – well, as for myself – I am on the complete opposite side of the spectrum. I am striving for a music business degree. We both talked about how most of our friends in Wisconsin are attending college just for the sake of attending. But us – well, we are attending college because we both exude a bombastic passion for what each of us are trying to achieve. And that is to one-day work in an industry in which we feel the Lord is leading us to.
I thank my parents who are supportive of me each and every day of my life. And without a doubt – are the most amazing people in the world! They are the reason I am in Music City – but more importantly – are the reason I am here. Striving to substitute my dreams with reality at only twenty-one years of age. What more could I ask for?