Sorority Recruitment and Such!

Last week was Sorority Rush Week! It kept me insanely busy, but it was so much fun! I loved being able to spend time and create great memories with my sisters in Phi Mu. Since I went through spring recruitment, it was a completely new experience for me. It was incredible being on the other side of recruitment. I don’t remember myself being nervous when I went through, but I was SO nervous this fall and I’m already IN a sorority! I guess it’s mostly because I wanted to make sure that every girl in the room had a lot of fun and that they were all comfortable. My favorite night of the week was “skit night.” I was one of the performers!! My sisters asked me to dig down deep into my bag of talents and bring out my rap skills. Well, it was very…umm…interesting. Ha ha. Let me just say that I won’t be giving up singing for rapping anytime soon!!

I was so relieved by the time Bid Day rolled around on Saturday. After at least a month of practicing for recruitment, our hard work had finally come to an end and 33 wonderful girls joined our sisterhood. We took about a million pictures outside with our new sisters and then, shortly afterwards, all the girls of Phi Mu ventured over to our “Bid Day Party.” We had lunch, ate cake, sang karaoke, and took more pictures. I had quite a few pictures tagged of me on Facebook the next day!
In other news, I’m really excited about this weekend. I get to SLEEP!! Ahh! Finally!! I’ve been so swamped trying to juggle time between 17 hours of credited classes, my other classes required for my major that don’t count as credits, homework, studying, recording my EP (like a demo), trying to learn how to play guitar, making time for my wonderful sorority sisters, and trying to have a social life at the same time. There are times where it becomes incredibly difficult to handle it all, but somehow I survive. There are just those days when I think to myself, “I am overwhelmed. I need to relax.” So what I do is honor the fact that I recognized my need for relaxation and then go take a quick nap or just set aside some “me time.” It’s great. One of the greatest things I’ve learned over the time span I’ve been in college is the importance of time management. It’s such a valuable attribute to have!
Well, I’m off to bed! I have classes in the morning and I’m going to be a responsible young adult and just go to sleep! Here’s a picture from Bid Day! bid day.jpg Myself and Chelsea, a new Phi! OH! Almost forgot…here’s a little trivia for the day: The new reality show on Fox called Nashville has two Belmont students on it! Rachel and Sarah. Sarah just happens to be a Phi Mu! She’s such a sweet, talented, and awesome girl and I’m SO excited to see her on TV every Friday!