Late Night in TK

So, TK is my dorm. I love living here. So many exciting things go on. This past Wednesday, we had a pirate pancake party and people dressed up like pirates and hung out as pirate music played in the background. There were also free pancakes, which automatically makes any event worthwhile. I think we’re also having premiere night where we’re gonna watch the premieres of new seasons of TV shows like The Office and Grey’s Anatomy. I think the best part about TK is knowing so many people who live in it. As one of 2 upper classman dorms, it’s loaded with sophmores and juniors and a few freshmen and seniors. So pretty much, the party is nonstop. Just the other night, we had a soccer game going on in the lobby past midnight.

Photo 42.jpg
Right now, I’m actually chilling in the rooms of some of the few freshman in TK, Kelsi and Courtney. My other friends, Sarah, Sarah, and Shannon are chillin in the room as we watch some High School Musical. Lame, I know, but so fun.
Well, it’s 3:56 a.m. now, and I think it’s time went to sleep. Especially since I’ve got two classes at 11 and 12.