Breakin’ In The New Freshmen

JoshWhen my class came in just a couple of years ago, everyone was just amazed how big the class was and how academically qualified we were. But fast forward to now, this class easily beat my incoming class by a few hundred, and from what I hear they are more qualified academically as well. This just shows how the culture and standard surrounding Belmont is quickly changing and growing with each class. The vibe here on campus is much different from years past as far as the start of school. It seems like the freshmen brought an extra boost of energy to campus and it can be noticed on everybody’s faces.
But no matter what, I’m STILL the “Big Man on Campus” (pun intended) and I feel like it’s my job to sort of break the newbies into campus. Don’t worry, I do so in a nice manner. Well, unless you’re this guy. He should have listened to me the first time. This is what happens, I will squish you until you give in. I ought to make this a tradition, but I really could see a lawsuit coming from this. Actually, I had some freshmen over my apartment to hang out a few nights ago, and since he was a big guy as well I just wanted to let him know that I’m the upperclassman.

This year seemed special from “Move-In-Day”. I was an orientation leader, and meeting some of the new incoming freshmen and their parents as we helped them move in was just exciting. One, because I stayed on campus all summer taking classes and such, so actually seeing folks back on campus was a thrill. And two, the look on their faces as various groups of people attacked each car, truck, or van with a student’s entire college life in the trunk and unloaded it and took their belongings into their rooms. We did all of the work for them all they had to do is just go up to the room and help set up. That pretty much sums up the Belmont spirit in a short paragraph.