Movin’ On Up

“Movin’ On Up” is my personal theme for this year, it’s kinda like the song from the 70’s sitcom “The Jefferson’s.” I say this because of many reasons which include me becoming a junior, moving into a new apartment, and just a different outlook on life. I feel like becoming a junior is very important, especially in college, because this is time when I am finally starting to actually settle down and start thinking about life after school. Things such as upper-level classes that directly relate to my major, which is Entrepreneurship and Marketing, and internships will help shape my interests as far as a possible career.

IMAGE_375.jpgOver the summer, I have moved to two different apartments. The first move was from the dorms, Thrailkill Hall, to the Hillside Apartments. And the second move was just from one building to another in the same complex, but it was on the top floor. It didn’t help that the building itself was sitting on top of a hill either. With me being a big guy, probably the biggest here on campus, I’m really not used to having help moving in. I usually pack everything up a few days before I have to move and just grab it and go, but this time even I couldn’t tackle it myself. But I tell you it was well worth it because I have the BEST view on campus by far, unless you’re on top of the bell tower.
And like I was talking about earlier, my outlook on life has just completely changed for the better. I am starting to look at the possible opportunities that may be available to me after Belmont. With just two short years left, it’s time to get more focused and get ready for this thing my mom talks about called the “real world.”