I am speechless. I just finished the novel, A Lesson Before Dying, by Ernest J. Gaines. A quote from this phenomenal piece of fiction stated that “all we are…all of us on this earth, [are] a piece of drifting wood, until we – each one of us, individually – decide to become something else…”

I, too, am like a piece of drifting wood floating down a stream of rushing water. Why? Because I have changed. Especially since the month of May. I am more independent – confident – and for that matter – thirst on the every day “current” of change. I, like the piece of drift wood, have changed direction. Of course – in the sense that I have developed an even more solid and personal relationship with the Lord.
Throughout the summer – the Lord has enabled me to learn the ropes of the music industry by rewarding me with an internship at one of the most innovative record labels in town. Furthermore – He has even introduced a brand new depth of life by placing a couple of new friends into my world. Blake and Colleen are absolutely rock-awesome (they are pictured above). To say the least – both of these individuals have definitely enabled me to stretch my boundaries as an individual both personally – and spiritually. And I want to say “Thank You,” [especially to Blake!] for making my summer a GREAT one!
Anyways – I will still, and always will be…like that piece of drift wood floating aimlessly down a stream. Willing to change direction. Willing to establish new relationships with amazing individuals who shine through with the love of God. And lastly – willing to become who I never thought I would be since summer began. Am I in the right place? OH YES. Belmont rocks. Try it out for yourself. I’d recommend it. End of story.