I’m coming to a town near you.

This summer has just flown by so fast, and I can remember when I could sleep all day because summer classes hadn’t begun yet. But that was a while ago. A lot of good things have been happening this summer, like me and my mom went up to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom and rode every ride possible. It was a blast except for the heat, but don’t worry that was fixed by going to the water park. And probably one of the coolest things will be going on over the next two weeks. So what exactly do I mean? I’m talking about BU2U, and it’s a way to bring the Belmont community closer to you. For people living in the Knoxville, Memphis, and Cincinnati, OH areas, be looking for me along with other current students and admissions counselors who will come and talk about Belmont and Nashville.

If anyone has taken a Belmont campus tour the past couple of years then you have either had myself or some of my good friends, who are also tour guides. And if you don’t remember, then you probably haven’t taken one here at Belmont because we are very enthusiastic, funny, and knowledgable. I bring this up because BU2U is like bringing all of those things to you. It’s very convenient because we can answer any questions or concerns you have about Belmont as well as tell you interesting facts about not only things about Belmont but also Nashville so that you might not have know before. And if that wasn’t enough, you can still come on down to Nashville, enjoy the city, and stop by Belmont a take a quick tour.