Weekend To Remember

Miami Beach.jpg
So this past weekend one of my good friends from school, Molly, who’ll be studying abroad in Spain Fall semester, came to visit. This was one of the most fun weekends this summer. Molly came in on Friday and we went to Wal-Mart and I bought my camera (The lovely Canon SD1000). It put a little dent in my bank account, but it’s totally worth it, what with it being able to capture all the good times I had this past weekend and future fun times. Anyways, Molly and I got to hang out on Friday and catch up on each other’s summers. She got to meet my family, and it was kind of funny how easily she fit in. Saturday we went to Miami Beach (the picture up top was taken in the surrounding downtown area) and had tons of fun in the heat. Molly ended up with sunburn because she refused to wear sunscreen… it was kind of funny actually. Then later on Saturday, we went to Barnes and Noble and read Children’s books to each other.

We read and especially horrible Children’s book by Mary Higgins Clark called, “Ghost Ship.” Ugh, it was terrible. Avoid it like the plague if you can. Finally, on Sunday, we went to church where this picture was taken: MenMol.jpg and Sunday night, Molly helped me and my brother lead worship. ‘Twas fun indeed. Molly’s flight left early Monday morning, so we had to get up early, and actually, Molly baked my family some Banana Nut muffins before we left. It was with some sadness that we said goodbye, but it was a really great weekend and I enjoyed spending time with one of my closest Belmont Buddies.