Zoe’s Kitchen…the best food ever!

photo.jpgWow! I cannot believe that it is already the second week of June. The emerging week of classes most definitely came too soon. And by extension – so did CMA Fest. I can most clearly describe this past week as one complete blur. Throughout the week I attended a multitude of artist events, attended classes, and slept very little. Without a doubt, the “backstage” experiences granted me the opportunity to network and create relations with professionals who represent themselves as advocates of the music industry! I most definitely enjoyed myself, the individuals I met, and the hours of tending to crazy Taylor Swift fans at the downtown Nashville Convention Center.

Yesterday, I spent a few hours of the evening with Rendee. If you are my friend, you most definitely know who this incredible lady is! The Lord has blessed me with so many amazing individuals and without hesitance, I am proud to say that she is pretty much my “second mom!” She offered to take me out to dinner at Zoe’s Kitchen – a local Nashville restaurant. Right now, I am proud to confess that Zoe’s Kitchen is now one of my absolute favorite places to dine in the great area of Nashvilletown.
As for now, the remainder of this week consists of interning, taking my first International Business summer exam, and writing three papers for Third-Year writing. Personally, I honestly can say that I am definitely crazy for taking these somewhat difficult classes! However, the Lord’s presence will enable me to remain focused, stress-free, and determined to keep livin’ the dream. Will life ever slow down? Probably not, but I’m definitely content with that!