Belmont Idol!

After six seasons of American Idol, one of Belmont’s own is finally being represented. As many of you all might know, Melinda Doolittle is a Belmont graduate! She was a Music major here and she graduated in 1999. From the start of the season, she has been recognized as being one of the greatest talents to ever step on the Idol stage. Melinda, a self-proclaimed back up singer, has clearly risen to the challenge and can easily shine in center stage.Melinda Doolittle If you don’t believe me, just watch her sing once. You will be blown away. She, in my opinion, could easily win the whole competition! So everyone should vote for her after every performance!
Another Belmont Alum is doing very exciting things right now. Rachel Smith, who recently graduated in December of 2006, is the reigning Miss Tennessee and will be competing in the Miss USA pageant tonight! Miss USA will aire live from Los Angeles on NBC @ 8:00 pm CT. Good luck Rachel!!

This spring (and this week especially), there have been a large amount of performances. Aside from the Junior and Senior Recitals, the Mini-Jazz Festival has emerged this year, in what hopefully will be an annual event. I attended the first three nights of the MJF and I was very impressed! Jazz ensemble, Jazzmin, who will be the closing act of the festival, will be performing this Saturday. Also this Saturday is The Other Showcase, which is a student produced showcase. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Dave Barnes will be a special guest at the Other Showcase. I am SO excited!!! If you don’t know who Dave Barnes is, then you need to go to iTunes and find out! He is one of my favorite singer/songwriters. Just goes to show, if you go to Belmont, you get amazing opportunities, great performers always tend to gravitate in our direction, and you just might meet some students who will be famous one day! Gotta love Belmont!