So little time and so much to do!

Oh college. Sitting up here (in my lofted bed) contemplating the fact that there are about six weeks left in my freshman year of college is insane! And a bit overwhelming, being that I have two 15 page papers due that I still need to do a considerable amount of work on, at least 3 more smaller papers, and a presentation or two, all in the course of that time. Don’t get me wrong, I love my classes this semester.

I am a huge geek. My two major papers are on Turkey and their integration in the EU (I promise you it really isn’t as complicated as it sounds, and incredibly interesting), and the other one is for my American Revolution class on Spies in the American Revolution. I am really interested in both of these topics, so it makes the work a lot easier. Granted I have been procrastinating for far longer than I should, but I think because the topics are so interesting I won’t mind devoting an entire weekend to each one. Yay for college and papers! My mom has actually made fun of me a little bit for my paper on spies. As it turns out, pretty much everybody that I am talking about in that paper is connected to New York (my home state)! So, I traveled all the way to Tennessee, to then direct my major paper on New York. Kind of odd, really. Hopefully over the Easter break I will be able to visit some local historical societies to get more information and see everything first hand.
But not everything has been work for me. My sister came down to visit me in Nashville this past weekend. She hadn’t been here for about six years, so I took the opportunity to show her around Nashville. We went downtown to go shopping in all the touristy stores for souvenirs for her friends, and of course, what trip to Nashville is complete without a trip to one of the many malls? Multiple trips actually. But hey, we found some great sales at least! And as you can see from the picture,blog.JPG
we went to the top of one of the biggest buildings in Nashville with our family friends. What we call the “Batman Building” is the spire you see in the background. It was an amazing view and an amazing day!
Talking about amazing, how about this weather? It was about 80 degrees today, and should be that way for about 10 more days! Back home, there is still snow on the ground. Sunday I plan on taking all the information I need for my papers, and just go sit outside and work on my tan and my work at the same time! I have noticed people hanging outside more and more since the weather has taken a turn for the warmer. There is no lack of places to go out and enjoy the sunshine! If you haven’t already visited campus, try and make it to the Preview day on March 31st. The weather should be gorgeous and you will get an opportunity to walk around this gorgeous campus. Happy Spring!